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2019 USEA American Eventing Championships
Presented by Nutrena Feeds

August 27-September 1, 2019 - KHP, Lexington, KY

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Open Intermediate Championship 2019

Rider Horse & Owner Dressage XC SJ
Day Time Ring Day Time Day Time
Shanon Baker, NEW HAMPSHIRE Ballingowan Zeal
Shanon Baker
Tuesday 3:51pm 1 Wed. 10:45am Thur.  
Morgan Batton, SOUTH CAROLINA Toby The Coal Man
Morgan Batton
Tuesday 3:35pm 1 Wed. 10:39am Thur.  
Woods Baughman, KENTUCKY C’est La Vie 135
Woods Baughman
Tuesday 3:59pm 1 Wed. 10:48am Thur.  
Amanda Beale Clement, PENNSYLVANIA Carlson 119
Get Ready Syndicate LLC.
Tuesday 9:36am 1 Wed. 9:00am Thur.  
Maya Black, WASHINGTON Miks Master C
Laurie Cameron
Tuesday 9:44am 1 Wed. 9:03am Thur.  
Elizabeth Bortuzzo, NEW JERSEY Belongs To Teufer
John Arnold Witte
Tuesday 6:57pm 1 Wed. 11:51am Thur.  
Kirsten Buffamoyer, SOUTH CAROLINA Hurry Murray
Kirsten Buffamoyer
Tuesday 1:27pm 1 Wed. 10:00am Thur.  
Kristine Burgess, MINNESOTA Twoggeron
Kristine Burgess
Tuesday 8:56am 1 Wed. 8:45am Thur.  
Kyle Carter, FLORIDA Reddy Or Not
The Christy Edwards Farm
Tuesday 10:48am 1 Wed. 9:21am Thur.  
Hallie Coon, MAINE Cooley Sos
Helen Coon
Tuesday 7:05pm 1 Wed. 11:54am Thur.  
Ivie Cullen-dean, GEORGIA Fernhill Full Throttle
Michael Dean
Tuesday 6:33pm 1 Wed. 11:42am Thur.  
Georgia Dillard, ARKANSAS Galileo WP
Georgia Dillard
Tuesday 6:25pm 1 Wed. 11:39am Thur.  
Natasha Erschen, ILLINOIS Gran Torino
Natasha Erschen
Tuesday 9:28am 1 Wed. 8:57am Thur.  
Natasha Erschen, ILLINOIS Fernhill Flutter
Natasha Erschen
Tuesday 4:23pm 1 Wed. 10:57am Thur.  
Jacob Fletcher, ARKANSAS 5o1 Mischief Managed
Fletcher Farms
Tuesday 1:19pm 1 Wed. 9:57am Thur.  
Werner Geven, GEORGIA L'avventura
Launa Desportes
Tuesday 5:37pm 1 Wed. 11:21am Thur.  
Alexandra Green, TENNESSEE The Fernhill Fox
Alexandra Green
Tuesday 4:31pm 1 Wed. 11:00am Thur.  
Cosby Green, KENTUCKY Highly Suspicious
Edie Green
Tuesday 5:13pm 1 Wed. 11:12am Thur.  
Ashley Hays, LOUISIANA Call It Courage
Ashley Hays
Tuesday 5:53pm 1 Wed. 11:27am Thur.  
William Hoos, TENNESSEE Celtic Rhythm
William Hoos
Tuesday 8:24am 1 Wed. 8:33am Thur.  
Juli Hutchings-Sebring, MARYLAND Welbourne
Juli Hutchings-Sebring
Tuesday 2:31pm 1 Wed. 10:24am Thur.  
Lizzy Jahnke, WISCONSIN Snow Leopard
Lightspeed Equestrian LLC
Tuesday 11:44am 1 Wed. 9:42am Thur.  
Mikensey Johansen, GEORGIA Grey Prince
Mikensey Johansen
Tuesday 11:36am 1 Wed. 9:39am Thur.  
Ashley Kehoe, VIRGINIA Remember Me
Ashley Kehoe
Tuesday 11:04am 1 Wed. 9:27am Thur.  
Lauren Lambert, TEXAS Fantastique
Lauren Lambert
Tuesday 11:12am 1 Wed. 9:30am Thur.  
Leslie Law, FLORIDA Lcc Vogue
Beatrice Rey-herme
Tuesday 2:07pm 1 Wed. 10:15am Thur.  
Leslie Law, FLORIDA First Class
Beatrice Rey-herme
Tuesday 9:20am 1 Wed. 8:54am Thur.  
Andi Lawrence, VIRGINIA Cooley Northern Mist
Andi Lawrence
Tuesday 11:52am 1 Wed. 9:45am Thur.  
Elinor Macphail O'neal, OHIO Zick Zack
Sally Cox
Tuesday 9:12am 1 Wed. 8:51am Thur.  
Whitney Mahloch, WISCONSIN Military Mind
Whitney Mahloch
Tuesday 1:43pm 1 Wed. 10:06am Thur.  
Boyd Martin, PENNSYLVANIA Barry
Windurra Usa, Llc
Tuesday 8:16am 1 Wed. 8:30am Thur.  
Boyd Martin, PENNSYLVANIA Luke 140
Luke 140 Syndicate
Tuesday 1:03pm 1 Wed. 9:51am Thur.  
Caroline Martin, PENNSYLVANIA Danger Mouse
Caroline Martin
Tuesday 11:28am 1 Wed. 9:36am Thur.  
Robert Meyerhoff, NORTH CAROLINA Fortuna
Robert Meyerhoff
Tuesday 2:15pm 1 Wed. 10:18am Thur.  
Heather Jane Morris, KENTUCKY Jos Ufo De Quidam
Heather Jane Morris
Tuesday 10:56am 1 Wed. 9:24am Thur.  
Tori Nuckols, VIRGINIA Osborne 9
Sarah Berhalter
Tuesday 9:04am 1 Wed. 8:48am Thur.  
Jane Papke, OHIO Norman
Jane Papke
Tuesday 3:43pm 1 Wed. 10:42am Thur.  
Holly Payne Caravella, NEW JERSEY Charmking
Mary Bancroft
Tuesday 8:40am 1 Wed. 8:39am Thur.  
Anna Pierce, TEXAS River King
Anna Pierce
Tuesday 2:23pm 1 Wed. 10:21am Thur.  
Danielle Poulsen, MARYLAND Capability Brown
Danielle Poulsen
Tuesday 5:45pm 1 Wed. 11:24am Thur.  
Julie Richards, GEORGIA Fernhill Opulence
Julie Richards
Tuesday 1:51pm 1 Wed. 10:09am Thur.  
Madeleine Richards, KENTUCKY Whitfield
Suzie Richards
Tuesday 4:15pm 1 Wed. 10:54am Thur.  
Waylon Roberts, SOUTH CAROLINA Wil Celtic Charlie
Waylon Roberts
Tuesday 10:24am 1 Wed. 9:12am Thur.  
Lightspeed Equestrian LLC
Tuesday 2:39pm 1 Wed. 10:27am Thur.  
Melanie Smith, GEORGIA Shakedown Street
Melanie Smith
Tuesday 6:49pm 1 Wed. 11:48am Thur.  
Tamra Smith, CALIFORNIA Danito
Ruth Bley
Tuesday 10:32am 1 Wed. 9:15am Thur.  
Tamra Smith, CALIFORNIA En Vogue
Ruth Bley
Tuesday 2:47pm 1 Wed. 10:30am Thur.  
Madison Temkin, CALIFORNIA Dr. Hart
Madison Temkin
Tuesday 2:55pm 1 Wed. 10:33am Thur.  
Lindsay Traisnel, ONTARIO Bacyrouge
Patricia Pearce
Tuesday 5:21pm 1 Wed. 11:15am Thur.  
Daisy Trayford, NEW YORK Fernhill I'm Spartacus
Daisy Trayford
Tuesday 4:07pm 1 Wed. 10:51am Thur.  
Rick Wallace, FL Ultimate Victory
Rick Wallace
Tuesday 1:59pm 1 Wed. 10:12am Thur.  
Arden Wildasin, SOUTH CAROLINA Kineo
Arden Wildasin
Tuesday 3:27pm 1 Wed. 10:36am Thur.  

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