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2019 USEA American Eventing Championships
Presented by Nutrena Feeds

August 27-September 1, 2019 - KHP, Lexington, KY

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Rider Horse Stall Type Stall
Carla Abramcheck Swan's Legacy Competitor 2348
Kathleen Abrams Spintastic Competitor 1840
Ann Adams Calliope Competitor 2241
Erika Adams Townsend Competitor 2437
Darrah Alexander Shirsheen Du Carel Competitor 1325
Beth Allen Remastered Competitor 2486
Shannon Allen KD Mac Competitor 2399
Natalie Allport Yoscha Bosche Competitor 2219
Natalie Allport Tack 2220
Vienna Allport Caramel Macchiato Competitor 2218
Bonnie Alves Escujour RGS Competitor 2452
Johanna Anderson Flash of Sheba Competitor 2465
Johanna Anderson Tack 2464
Lydia Anderson Russell's Reserve Competitor 2228
Sarah Andres Ima Little Waki Competitor 2430
Susan Anway Four Majors Competitor 2142
Susan Anway Tack 2143
Ann Archibald Grey Street Competitor 2276
Ashley Armijo Cimbria RC Competitor 1544
Rayne Atkinson Cody Competitor 29021
Alayna Backel Phantom Of The Oscar Competitor 2217
Madeline Backus Lady Of The Lake Competitor 1629
Madeline Backus Reflektion's Rio Competitor 1628
Serena Baensch Sytation Competitor 2132
Cortlinn Bailey Up In Smoke Competitor 2628
Cortlinn Bailey Tack 2629
Kendall Baker Demitasse Competitor 2690
Shanon Baker Ballingowan Zeal Competitor 1125
Shanon Baker Honor Society Competitor 1122
Shanon Baker Tack 1123
Mary Bancroft Twain Competitor 2298
Mary Bancroft Tack 2299
Anna Banks RRF Mikey Competitor 2289
Anna Banks PRIMROSE BMD Competitor 2290
Sandra Barclay Bruiser Competitor 2139
William Barclay Stormn Hudson KD Competitor 2140
William Barclay Tack 2141
Lily Barlow Big Bear's Cepheus Competitor 1707
Lisa Barnes Lucero Competitor 1748
Lisa Barnes Tack 1749
Nicole Baronne Double Rivers Really Cool Competitor 2487
Fylicia Barr Galloway Sunrise Competitor 1605
Fylicia Barr Tack 1606
Lisa Barry Rosie's Aventadora Competitor 2851
Morgan Batton Sommersby Competitor 2613
Morgan Batton Toby The Coal Man Competitor 2614
Alexandra Baugh Dogano de L'Oiseliere Competitor 1025
Victoria Baugh Curioso Competitor 1024
Woods Baughman Lord Calegro Competitor 1722
Woods Baughman C’est La Vie 135 Competitor 1723
Dawn Beach Master Magician Competitor 2102
Susie Beale B E Never Say Never Competitor 1901
Susie Beale B E Kilgoric Felix Competitor 1902
Susie Beale Tack 1903
Amanda Beale Clement Carlson 119 Competitor 1904
Amanda Beale Clement Fernhill Finesse Competitor 1906
Amanda Beale Clement Tack 1905
Amy Becker Claim The Lead Competitor 2869
Amy Becker Tack 2870
Kalie Beckers Madoc Mari Competitor 2103
Tanya BeGole Wivollets Carnival Competitor 1114
Candace Bell Fernhill Philm Star Competitor 903
Marianna Bernardi Full Circle Competitor 2641
Sarah Bernat Inci's Sweet Vice Competitor 2318
Diane Berry Goode Hope Competitor 1028
Kathleen Bertuna Excel Star Harry Competitor 1307
Kathleen Bertuna Push the Light Competitor 1308
Emily Beshear Persian King Competitor 2358
Emily Beshear El Mesano Competitor 2357
Jeff Beshear Fernhill Cascum Marco Competitor 2359
Jeff Beshear Tack 2360
Angelika Beutel Alwin Competitor 2466
Angelika Beutel O'Sullivan Competitor 2467
Angelika Beutel Extra
Angelika Beutel Extra
Marian Bickers CSE Weymore Competitor 2114
Jane Biddle Monhegan SCF Competitor 1306
Sheri Birmingham Sterling's Bailero Competitor 2240
Alyssa Birt Jack Competitor 1510
Alyssa Birt Tack 1511
Julie Bishop Malibu Knight Competitor 2209
Taylor Bishop El Dartay Competitor 27101
Taylor Bishop Extra 27102
Maya Black Maks Mojo C Competitor 1919
Maya Black Miks Master C Competitor 1918
Abby Blackburn Opposition Lady Competitor 1713
Cathy Blackmon Hideaway's Special Delivery Competitor 1146
Savannah Blackstock Garryndruig Albie Competitor 1001
Savannah Blackstock Tack 1002
Savannah Blackstock Extra 1003
Sara Blackwell Brig's Swift Arrival Competitor 1526
Sara Blackwell Tack 1527
Carly Blank Cinderella Competitor 2637
Madeline Bletzacker Landtino S Competitor 1126
Madeline Bletzacker Drummer Boy Competitor 1127
Ruth Bley Rodrigue Du Granit Competitor 1936
Ruth Bley Frankfurt Competitor 1934
Ruth Bley Tack 1935
Lorna Bohnenstiehl Vagabond Competitor 2457
Lorna Bohnenstiehl Tack 2458
Jane Bok Santino Competitor 2272
Jane Bok Tack 2273
Laura Bolerjack San Marcos De Colon Competitor 2371
Danielle Bolte Diamond n the Rough Competitor 2631
Katie Grace Bond High Class Competitor 2238
Kristen Bond Bea Ready Competitor 2212
Kristen Bond Tack 2213
Chloe Bonnaure Texas Red Competitor 1023
Kelsey Boos Amelia Grace Competitor 1117
Elizabeth Bortuzzo Belongs To Teufer Competitor 2263
Elizabeth Bortuzzo Royal Archie Competitor 2264
Anna Bosworth Galapagos Competitor 2858
Ann Bower Samstar Competitor 1219
Meg Bowers Keep The Change Competitor 2104
Sarah Bowman Altus Louvo Competitor 29085
Hannah Boyd Billy McClusky Competitor 1838
Clare Brady Playing With Fire Competitor 1848
Ella Braundel Categorically Cooley Competitor 2492
Abigail Brawley Work of Art Competitor 2144
Jenny Brinkley Guinness X Competitor 1717
Jenny Brinkley Tack 1718
Karen Bristing Moonlites Ranger Competitor 2392
Karen Bristing Tack 2393
Kaitlyn Brittendall Blyth's Madeline GS Competitor 1531
Kate Brown Sport's Revenge Competitor 1017
Kelly Brown Rhythm Dancer Competitor 29015
Nora Brown Leal Competitor 2476
Ryleigh Brown Sheza lil Lady Competitor 2105
Anna Brugmann Forgotten Lyrics Competitor 2444
Corinne Brunker Joy Girl Competitor 1503
Isabel Brunker Allia Competitor 1501
Isabel Brunker Tack 1502
Lena Bruno Brighid Charity RSH Competitor 2497
Audrey Buchanan Dove Competitor 821
Maggie Buchanan 3,2,1, Blastoff Competitor 819
Maggie Buchanan Tack 820
Erin Buckner Picassi Competitor 1528
Erin Buckner Tack 1529
Kirsten Buffamoyer Hurry Murray Competitor 1927
Kirsten Buffamoyer Tack 1928
Julia Bulkeley Cold as Ice II Competitor 1131
Julia Bulkeley Rafferty's Rules Competitor 1132
Grace Burch Crimson Flame Competitor 27085
Allie Burditt Windsong Competitor 1207
Kristine Burgess Twoggeron Competitor 1225
Lianne Burgess Roza CMF Competitor 1223
Lianne Burgess Tack 1224
Sydney Burlage In Living Color Competitor 1214
Virginia Burns Leo the Lion Hearted Competitor 1805
Amy Burrows Chant de Ciel Competitor 2498
Malaree Byrne Feel My Presence Competitor 2214
Kathy Cain Legal Limit Competitor 2106
Alyssa Cairo Paddington Competitor 934
Lily Callahan Royal Crest's Granite Permission Competitor 2107
Lily Callahan Extra 2108
Courtney Calnan Little Black Dress Competitor 1120
Letha Calvin Look Cody Look Competitor 2303
Kathleen Cannon Pacific Storm Competitor 2365
Kathleen Cannon Tack 2366
Michelle Capparelli You Don't Know Jack Competitor 2387
Jenny Caras Fernhill Fortitude Competitor 927
Jenny Caras Trendy Fernhill Competitor 928
Emily Cardin Polar Express Competitor 2316
Emily Cardin Schwalbestrum Competitor 2317
Caitlyn Carpenter Fernhill Regal B Competitor 1350
Domenique Carson FCF Midnight Encounter Competitor 28151
Kyle Carter Galliard's Lancer Competitor 1005
Kyle Carter Reddy Or Not Competitor 1004
Kyle Carter Tack 1006
Helen Casteel Unapproachable Competitor 1620
Stephanie Caston London ROF Competitor 1401
Stephanie Caston The Flying Iris Competitor 1402
Rebecca Caulfield Victory Gallop Competitor 2286
Rebecca Caulfield Tack 2287
Julie Cayer Great Moments Competitor 2026
Kimmy Cecere I'll Have Another Competitor 2661
Kimmy Cecere Carrowgar Crannagh Hugo Competitor 2662
Kimmy Cecere Hindine Competitor 2664
Kimmy Cecere Landmark's Vegas Vision Competitor 2666
Kimmy Cecere Tack 2663
Ellie Celarek FWF Princess Shatka Competitor 1134
Caroline Charette Moondance Competitor 2149
Drew Cheek Princeton Pride Competitor 1237
Elisabeth Chizek Providence Competitor 2622
Elle Choate Paddrick Competitor 1216
Pryce Chrisman Tahoe Blue Competitor 2388
Roberta Christie Must Be Lucky Competitor 27086
Lauren Chumley Atlanta B Competitor 841
Lauren Chumley Santa Barbara Dash Competitor 842
Lauren Chumley Tack 843
Sharon Church Rose and Crown Competitor 2349
Macy Clark Mandolin R Competitor 1036
Michele Clark Zues Competitor 1631
Megan Cleary Chateau Versailles Competitor 1815
Megan Cleary Tack 1816
Amy Cobb FGF Mr. Montificent Competitor 1217
Ester Cobb Clifford Competitor 2027
Colleen Cohill Hotshot Competitor 1516
Jennifer Coleman SS Palantir Competitor 1506
Jennifer Coleman SS Willow Competitor 1507
Hallie Coon Celien Competitor 808
Hallie Coon Cooley Sos Competitor 810
Hallie Coon Tack 809
Courtney Cooper R River Star Competitor 1303
Courtney Cooper Hunting Stars Competitor 1304
Courtney Cooper Excel Star Time To Shine Competitor 1301
Courtney Cooper Extra 1302
Sophie Coorssen Coolnaboy Rubens Competitor 2136
Valli Corbin Bellissimo de Bornival Competitor 811
Stephanie Cordell Codename Toby Competitor 2879
Emily Coulter Artibella Competitor 1524
Cathy Coward Charlie Competitor 2310
Madison Cowen Glenords Celtic Rhythm Competitor 2028
Madison Cowen Tack 2029
Madeline Cracknell Commanding Curve Competitor 2030
Madeline Cracknell Tack 2031
Isabella Craft Marcato Competitor 2221
Kimberly Crane Princess Buttercup Competitor 1641
Diana Craven Mr. Fernhill Competitor 1347
Gretchen Creesy Tigerlily Competitor 1626
Gretchen Creesy Tack 1627
Paige Crotty Excel Star Armina Z Competitor 1313
Noa Crowley Charlie's Angel Competitor 1630
Ivie Cullen-dean Fernhill Full Throttle Competitor 921
Kaylyn Cunningham Ollivander Competitor 1305
Mary Curran Flying Colors Competitor 1403
Mary Curran Tack 1404
Rachelle Cyrier Twilight Moment Competitor 1317
Rachelle Cyrier Tack 1318
Denise Dailey-Thomas Amaretto Competitor 1202
Cierra Daratony Rio De Janeiro Competitor 1825
Lisa Davidson Say So Slew Competitor 2047
Bruce Davidson Jr. Mr. Poppers Competitor 1026
Bruce Davidson Jr. Cooley Candyman Competitor 1029
Bruce Davidson Jr. Copper Beach Competitor 1030
Bruce Davidson Jr. Tack 1027
Bruce Davidson Jr. Tack 1031
Elisabeth Davis Glendale's Katie Belle Competitor 2884
Josephine Davis Brick Haus Competitor 2883
Lillian Davis Limerick Competitor 2395
Cindy De Porter Ana D Competitor 2341
Elle De Recat Sf Double Entendre Competitor 22101
Elle De Recat Bruisyard Hall Competitor 22100
Gwendolyn Dean Wingardium Leviosa Competitor 2322
Madison Deaton Reputation Competitor 2433
Kiera Delahanty Silver Wend Competitor 2033
Kiera Delahanty Tack 2034
Christina DeMauro Jude Moon Competitor 1204
Christina DeMauro Tack 1205
Kailey DeMeyer Ninjutsu Competitor 1203
Mara Depuy Congo Brazzaville C Competitor 822
Erin Desrosiers Oso Smart Competitor 27083
Olivia Devening Ark Royale Tumble-Lena Competitor 2379
Olivia Devening Tack 2380
Ellis Dillard Normandy's Cole's Clover Competitor 2230
Georgia Dillard Galileo WP Competitor 2229
Jackson Dillard Layla Q Competitor 2364
Kimberly Dillman At His Best Competitor 2125
Olivia Dillon Novelty Act Competitor 1843
Brinn Dimler Roscoe Competitor 1512
Brinn Dimler Tack 1513
Molly Doan Johnny Football Competitor 28138
Shannon Doan Hurrikhana Competitor 28139
Jessica Doering Jax Competitor 29016
Marla Doran Miss Tosonna Competitor 2630
Sydney Doss Hooked On You Competitor 1611
Ellen Doughty-Hume Sir Oberon Competitor 29008
Ellen Doughty-Hume Two Step Program Competitor 29007
Martin Douzant Frame Shamrock Competitor 1739
Danielle Downing Shannonbay Coco Competitor 2018
Elizabeth Drawe Only Kings Competitor 2432
Dieke Dresch Brahms Flyer Competitor 2210
Darcy Drury Fernhill Bijzonder Competitor 906
Paige Drury Shanagore Jenga Competitor 907
Kaleena Dudek Zeek Competitor 2396
Josephine Duggan Kildare's MHS Tampa Competitor 2281
Harper Duncan Come And Get It Competitor 1102
Phillip Dutton Z Competitor 823
Phillip Dutton Fernhill Singapore Competitor 825
Phillip Dutton Tack 824
Alyssa Dykgraaf Foudroyant de Bellerose Competitor 1139
Carly Eddahri La Perle Noire Competitor 2344
Tawn Edwards All of Indy Competitor 2638
Tawn Edwards Tack 2639
Johanna Ehrhardt Pongo Competitor 28108
Zoe Eichorn Pasha Competitor 28140
Anne Eilinger Bruichladdich Competitor 1642
Julia Ennis Batters Cooley O Competitor 1412
Samantha Ensinger Rocko Competitor 2035
Natasha Erschen Fernhill Flutter Competitor 1917
Natasha Erschen Gran Torino Competitor 1916
Caitlin Erwin Painted In Lace Competitor 2378
Samantha Erwin Conquistadora Competitor 1337
Madison Etchberger Dutch Competitor 2036
Lenora Evans Hollmann Christian Grey Competitor 1235
Amanda Farmer Boyd Marden Competitor 2857
Liesel Fazekas Fernhill Let's Face It Competitor 909
Christina Feaga In The Mick of Time Competitor 2328
Christina Feaga Tack 2329
Maggie Fearon Brando Competitor 1035
Vivian Feather Dee's Little Dance Competitor 2038
Morgan Fenrick Roseville Competitor 2039
Lauren Ferguson Rory O'moore Competitor 2126
Lauren Ferguson Tack 2127
Lisa Marie Fergusson Honor Me Competitor 816
Lisa Marie Fergusson Epic Moment Competitor 817
Emma Fettig Spanning the Globe Competitor 1212
Melissa Filson Tipperary Keelin Competitor 2041
Isabel Finemore Rutherglen Competitor 2277
Isabel Finemore Senor Dehere Competitor 2278
Isabel Finemore Craig Mor Tom Competitor 2279
Isabel Finemore Tack 2280
Barbara Fitch Donte Competitor 2474
Bobbie Fitzpatrick Shotgun Willie Competitor 1449
Louisa Flaig Elfenzauber Competitor 2313
Jacob Fletcher Van Gough Competitor 2383
Jacob Fletcher 5o1 Wyly Girl Competitor 2384
Jacob Fletcher 5o1 Mischief Managed Competitor 2385
Jacob Fletcher Newmarket Auto Competitor 2386
Matthew Flynn Wizzerd Competitor 2201
Matthew Flynn Tack 2202
Erin Flynn Mobley Divine Legacy Competitor 1539
Kelly Follain Rhythm and Blues Competitor 1847
Micaela Forsyth Southern Comfort Competitor 2875
Micaela Forsyth Tack 2876
Blake Fortson Quiana Af Competitor 2873
Jacques Foussard Miss Ruby Cooley Competitor 2042
Mia Fox Sport Tracker Competitor 1101
Angie Francart Ark Of Ages Competitor 2381
Angie Francart Arsinoe Competitor 2382
Angie Francart Lion Competitor 2397
Angie Francart Tack 2398
Mary Margaret Francis Uncle Mordecai Competitor 1014
Catherine Frank Inanewyorkminute Competitor 2258
Lilah Frank Phillip's Best Day Competitor 2259
Lilah Frank Leonardo Davinci Competitor 2260
Isabel Franklin Moonstruck Competitor 29014
Hannah Freeman Coyote Competitor 2291
Hannah Freeman Tack 2292
Gretel Frew Union Commander Competitor 2222
Ava Friese Zepplin Competitor 1249
Stephen Fulton Broken Diplomacy Competitor 1801
Stephen Fulton Tack 1802
Stephen Fulton Tack 1803
Claire Gamlin Alohomora Competitor 1349
Brynna Gang Wise Guy Competitor 1247
Corinna Garcia Lyric Competitor 28145
Corinna Garcia P.H. Lev Livet Competitor 28147
Berkley Gardner Chillie Competitor 23101
Alexa Garrett Say Goodbye To Hollywood Competitor 2491
Jennifer Garutti Labras Leannon Competitor 839
Jennifer Garutti Tack 840
Tessa Geven Tullymor's Houdini Competitor 1702
Werner Geven L'avventura Competitor 1701
Neva Giannini Stilwell Can Do Competitor 837
Julie Gilbert CANADIAN EXCHANGE Competitor 2004
Samantha Gilley Quite Frankly Competitor 1809
Britt Gillis Gentleman Jack Competitor 2331
Madison Givens Pinch of Spice Competitor 1405
Sabrina Glaser Rembrandt Competitor 2043
Aidan Goumas Mister Competitor 1640
Abby Graham Soul Power Competitor 1820
Abby Graham Tack 1821
Lesley Grant-Law Lady Chatterley Competitor 2204
Tatum Gray Reds Loyal Flame Competitor 1248
Alexandra Green Fernhill Limited Edition Competitor 1341
Alexandra Green The Fernhill Fox Competitor 1342
Kelly Green Woodstock Classic Rock Competitor 1610
Kelly Green Tack 1609
Lisa Green Ricochet Competitor 2611
Lisa Green Tack 2612
Huxley Greer Marked Ruler Competitor 1133
Nancy Grey Boomtown II Competitor 2335
Nancy Grey Tack 2336
Marissa Griffin Hunter Competitor 2269
Marissa Griffin Poppyfields Tiger Shark Competitor 2271
Marissa Griffin Tack 2270
Heidi Grimm Powell Finntastic! Competitor 2323
Deborah Grosenbaugh Starry Night Competitor 1720
Sara Gumbiner Polaris Competitor 2618
Grace Gyetko Flight of the Phoenix Competitor 2044
Finley Habenicht Aleta NSF Competitor 2345
Amanda Hafner Corona With Lime Competitor 2256
Amanda Hafner Tack 2257
Madison Haney Revelation Competitor 2377
Traci Hann Der Romany Competitor 1810
Lisa Hannan Lowenbrau Competitor 1523
Emily Hansen-Palmus FireFox Competitor 940
Maren Hanson In My Feelings Competitor 2235
Lauren Harris Busy Bea Competitor 2601
Sarah Harris Old Ironsides Competitor 2120
Mary Harsch Foster's Bold Favorite Competitor 1719
Nicole Hatley Aspen Competitor 2237
Amanda Haw With Perseverance Competitor 1715
Ashley Hays Call It Courage Competitor 2603
Ashton Hays A Boy Named Rozy Competitor 2045
Olivia Hazen Appy Du Champ Blanc Competitor 1201
Kendra Heath-Brost Irish Dance Competitor 1213
Crystal Heaton Hunting Money Competitor 1434
Maddie Heckaman Incredibly Competitor 1343
Melanie Helms R Pair A Dice Competitor 1232
Helen Helton Treetop Flyer Competitor 2128
Caitlin Henderson Creative Dreamer Competitor 933
Elizabeth Henry Charlotte La Bouff Competitor 1646
Elizabeth Henry Extra 1647
Kathleen Herbig Sirius Contender Competitor 2435
Brynn Hershbine Cadenza Aria Competitor 1314
Brynn Hershbine Tack 1315
Chris Heydon Is He A She Competitor 1411
Kloie Hicks Sugar Rush Competitor 2304
Kirsten Hiles Wisencrazi Competitor 1221
Kirsten Hiles Tack 1222
Aaron Hill denali Competitor 2495
Jamee Hill Geheimnis Aires Competitor 2046
Katherine Hill RamBamUncleSam Competitor 2267
Katherine Hill Confetti Competitor 2268
Casey Hiser Chrome Faith Competitor 29086
Maggie Hitron Mawhinney Competitor 1632
Maggie Hitron Cole Power Competitor 1633
Maggie Hitron Tack 1634
Camryn Holcomb Quite Breit Competitor 1230
Isabel Holden Rebel Soul Competitor 2224
Sandra Holden Cadillac Boy Competitor 1110
Sandra Holden Cano Cristales Competitor 1111
Sandra Holden Evil Munchkin Competitor 1112
Sandra Holden Tack 1113
Emily Hollon The Perfect Storm MK Competitor 2137
Caroline Honeycutt Ballinglen Awesome Competitor 1607
Elizabeth Honeycutt Jos Baco Competitor 1608
Rebecca Hoos Little Cruz Competitor 2681
William Hoos Celtic Rhythm Competitor 2682
William Hoos Fabled Cross Competitor 2683
Janice Hoover Its Now or Never Competitor 2440
Janice Hoover Tack 2441
Cherye Huber Sam I Am Competitor 2243
Cherye Huber Tack 2244
Haley Hughes Igor S Competitor 1007
Lyndsey Humpal Lucky Prospect Competitor 1218
Molly Hunt Falcons Grey Bar Competitor 27082
Rebecca Hunt Snowflake Lane Competitor 1229
Erin Hurley Merlot Competitor 2860
Erin Hurley Tack 2861
Juli Hutchings-Sebring Welbourne Competitor 1920
Aidan Hutchinson SeaMyst Competitor 2449
Brenda Hutton WYO Dun Maid Competitor 1514
Brenda Hutton Tack 1515
LeeAnn Ingraham Trump Card Competitor 2327
Josephine Irish Right Ben Competitor 2405
Josephine Irish Tack 2406
Hillary Irwin Harry Cotter Competitor 27073
Hillary Irwin By A Hundredth Competitor 27074
Carrie Iversen Finale H Competitor 1233
Katarzyna Jachymczyk Sock Monkey Competitor 29024
Billy Jackson Ralph Lauren Competitor 1704
Ainsley Jacobs JJ Spot Competitor 2621
Amelia Jaeger The Medicine Game Competitor 2032
Lizzy Jahnke Snow Leopard Competitor 1829
Lizzy Jahnke Colenomer Competitor 1830
Cashell Jaquish Corrival Competitor 2350
Erin Jarboe Ballygriffin Cool Guy Competitor 2314
Erin Jarboe Sir Rockstar Competitor 2315
Jennie Jarnstrom Calicia Z Competitor 1930
Jennie Jarnstrom Flower Girl Competitor 1931
Sue Jellum Rochambeau Competitor 29020
Emma Jenkins Fernhill Armani Competitor 904
Kenna Jensen Goweine Competitor 1442
Carla Jimmerson Valley Creek Carlin LeBeau Competitor 1530
Mikensey Johansen Roses Are Red Competitor 1011
Mikensey Johansen Grey Prince Competitor 1012
Lilly Johnsen Wilson Competitor 1733
Alexa Johnson Vital Hancock Competitor 1726
Alexa Johnson Tack 1727
Dawn Johnson Broadway Bobby Z Competitor 2616
Erin Johnson Fe Sparkling Diamond Competitor 2295
Erin Johnson Tack 2296
Hanna Grace Johnson Urlanmore Beauty Competitor 910
Lyndsay Johnson Trocadero Competitor 1118
Sallie Johnson Fernhill DiCaprio Competitor 916
Cecilia Jones Mooney Maguire Competitor 1818
Cecilia Jones Tack 1819
Kelly Jones Hey Jude Competitor 935
Lucy Jones Walk the Line Competitor 1817
Riley Jones Senor Santana Competitor 29022
Clara Juckett Etoile Competitor 2431
Brooke Kahl Nata Montada SCF Competitor 1635
Jessica Kammeyer Sunny Side Up Competitor 1939
Chelsea Kang Daffy Doozies Competitor 1220
Anne Kaufman Motif Competitor 2048
Gibsen Kaye Chasing Glitter Competitor 28141
Anne Kearley Carlingford's Srs Imperial Competitor 1520
Mikayla Kearney Countless Prospects Competitor 2023
Ryan Keefe Point Nemo Competitor 1037
Ryan Keefe Flintstar Competitor 1038
Ryan Keefe Extra 1039
Drew Keiser Polar Express Competitor 28149
Drew Keiser Tack 28150
Fernanda Kellogg Atlee Competitor 1324
Riley Kemna CNT Shiloh Tails Competitor 1227
Jenny Kemp Belerina Competitor 2859
Cynthia Kendall Psych-O-Delic Competitor 1823
Alston Kerr SIR EARL GREY Competitor 2002
Jonathan Ketzler Chances Are Competitor 2049
Jonathan Ketzler Tack 2050
Laura Kiff Bellkis Competitor 2880
Caroline Kilday Coincidentally Competitor 1624
Margaret Kimmel Garfunkel Competitor 1149
Margaret Kimmel Tack 1150
Autumn Kinmon Miles To Go Competitor 1505
Anna Kjellstrom Kazoo Competitor 1121
Kristina Kleeh Everlasting Competitor 1730
Lucy Knowles Not a Democracy Competitor 1046
Steph Kohr Irisina Competitor 1622
Michelle Koppin Cooley Ringwood Competitor 931
Michelle Koppin Tack 932
Anne Kornak Double Rivers Spinnaker Competitor 2488
Anne Kornak Tack 2489
Sara Kozumplik - Murphy Otta B Quality Competitor 1922
Sara Kozumplik - Murphy Devil Munchkin Competitor 1924
Sara Kozumplik - Murphy Tack 1923
Dan Kreitl Carmango Competitor 2116
Dan Kreitl Horales Competitor 2117
Annabelle Kress Canny Calypso Competitor 1907
Kristin Kubsch CMF Royal Diamond Competitor 1244
Nicole Kuenzi Sweet Baby James Competitor 2016
Julie Kuhle Orion Competitor 1406
Catherine Kupper Three Socks Maverick Competitor 27079
Catherine Kupper Tack 27080
Courtney Kuriger Eagle Rising Competitor 2643
Courtney Kuriger Tack 2644
Mindy Kutzner-Shannon Free Spirit CR Competitor 1326
Courtney LaBarbera Gatling Competitor 1327
Jenny Lackey Dallo De La Galerna Competitor 2293
Jenny Lackey Extra 2294
Adalee Ladwig Diego Competitor 1518
Lauren Lambert Fantastique Competitor 2211
Ella Kay Lane Dark Shadow's Competitor 1703
Sydney Langley Pocket Change Competitor 1328
Kirsten LaVassar Whatinsamhill Competitor 1329
Jyl Lavera Class Action Competitor 1128
Leslie Law Voltaire De Tre Competitor 2208
Leslie Law First Class Competitor 2205
Leslie Law Lcc Vogue Competitor 2207
Leslie Law Tack 2206
Andi Lawrence Cooley Northern Mist Competitor 1330
Kelly Lawrence Renos Nevada Competitor 1129
Kyra Layton Harry Valentine Competitor 818
Reagan Lee Raphael Competitor 1618
Reagan Lee Tack 1619
Rebecca Lee Invictus Competitor 2885
Rebecca Lee Tack 2886
Addison Leigh Birch Competitor 1521
Addison Leigh Tack 1522
Stephanie Lemasters Better With Blantons Competitor 28115
Jackie Lemastus Indian Mill Competitor 1040
Eleanor Leonard Alvescot Moneymaker Competitor 1601
Eleanor Leonard Tack 1602
Eleanor Leonard Extra 1603
Emelie Lesher Rambos Hotshot Competitor 1331
Jenna Levesque Imagine That Competitor 1806
Sue Levy Baltic Mahogany Competitor 2019
Erin Liedle Fernhill Boodle Competitor 2445
Barbara Lightner BT MacDiamond Competitor 801
Nicole Ligon Lightning Stone Competitor 2874
Casey Locklear FLS Major Bounce Competitor 2646
Makenzie Lowe Addie Okie Competitor 2242
Barbara Lyons-Sprouse Wishful Thinking Competitor 2443
Elinor Macphail O'neal Zick Zack Competitor 802
Kelly Mahloch TallDrinkofWater Competitor 1238
Whitney Mahloch Military Mind Competitor 1239
Whitney Mahloch Tack 1240
Alana Mahoney Some Day My Prince Will Come Competitor 849
Rebecca Malcolm Fairways Queen P Competitor 1533
Katie Malensek Lion's Share Competitor 936
Katie Malensek Landjaeger Competitor 938
Katie Malensek Tack 937
Sydnee Malic Apollo Competitor 29023
Maddie Malmstrom Scip the Sky Competitor 2252
Emily Maner Contender Competitor 2446
Megan March Guinness Competitor 2881
Megan March Tack 2882
Meaghan Marinovich Burdick Lucina Competitor 1407
Meaghan Marinovich Burdick Ferris Bueller Competitor 1408
Hillary Marshall Interference Competitor 1332
Kristina Marth Hang on Caitlyn Competitor 29019
Boyd Martin Fernhill Prezley Competitor 944
Boyd Martin Luke 140 Competitor 946
Boyd Martin Wabanaki Competitor 947
Boyd Martin Barry Competitor 948
Boyd Martin Long Island T Competitor 949
Boyd Martin Extra 945
Caroline Martin Danger Mouse Competitor 2109
Caroline Martin Cristano Z Competitor 2110
Caroline Martin Cheranimo Competitor 2112
Jessie Martin Fool Me Once Competitor 1648
Mckenna Martinez Commitment Competitor 2401
Jorge Martínez Castrejón Chalok Competitor 2865
Jorge Martínez Castrejón Tack 2866
Teresa Martinoli Loughnatousa Caprice Competitor 2402
Liz Mason Wisdom Grey Competitor 2024
Liz Mason Tack 2025
Whitney Massengale FF Katja This Competitor 2436
Sommer Matheny Hips Don't Lie Competitor 1613
Ashley Maul Cedric Diggory Competitor 807
Claire Maywalt Sailin Shoes Competitor 1731
Abigail Mazzatta Woodstock's Little Nev Competitor 2215
Lida McAllister Fashion Forward Competitor 1443
Lida McAllister Chiarezza Competitor 1445
Lida McAllister Tack 1444
Shannon McCall TC Drummer Boy Competitor 1103
Madison McCauley Aigle Allegre Competitor 2232
Samantha Mccleerey Fernhill B First Competitor 1338
Samantha Mccleerey Fernhill First Choice Competitor 1340
Samantha Mccleerey Tack 1339
Julie McElhaney Temptation Competitor 2499
Jennifer McFall Stoneman Competitor 1541
Jennifer McFall Tack 1542
Taylor McFall High Times Competitor 1540
Brenna Mcguire Ready Won Competitor 2246
Arden McHugh-Braham KS Priceless Competitor 939
Reagan McIntosh Limited Access Competitor 1013
Kayley Mcintyre Bringin The Heat Competitor 845
Erin McLeod My Maria Competitor 1616
Erin McLeod Houdini II Competitor 1617
Ellyn McMahon Copernicus Competitor 2403
Kaylianna McMorris Clifton Peekachu Competitor 2145
Melissa McNally Land of Jewels Competitor 2333
Melissa McNally Tack 2334
Heather McWilliams Southern Soiree Competitor 1438
Heather McWilliams Tack 1439
Jessica Mead See My Stardust Competitor 2475
Symantha Melemed CCS Thorin Competitor 2122
Symantha Melemed CCS Aragorn Competitor 2123
Symantha Melemed Tack 2124
Michelle Mercier Prince Of Kiltealy Competitor 1435
Michelle Mercier Sunrise Surprise Competitor 1436
Michelle Mercier Tack 1437
Amanda Merritt Classic Jack Competitor 1022
Lacey Messick Sudden Impulse RSF Competitor 1228
Robert Meyerhoff Gorsehill Zulu Competitor 1416
Robert Meyerhoff Fortuna Competitor 1413
Robert Meyerhoff Omnipotent Competitor 1414
Robert Meyerhoff Lumumba Competitor 1415
Robert Meyerhoff Tack 1417
Katarina Midgley Blaze of Charm Competitor 922
Zoe Milam Queen of the Slipstream Competitor 1208
Margaret Millar Grando Competitor 1418
Margaret Millar Tack 1419
Crockett Miller Mr Panda Competitor 918
Gabrielle Miller Spanky Competitor 2404
Haley Miller Mr. Melvin Competitor 29006
Julie Miller Chalie Competitor 1734
Kendall Miller Elliott GS Competitor 29005
Kiersten Miller Mama Mia Competitor 1824
Laura Minster Roly Poly Competitor 28143
Angela Mitchell Nicodemus Competitor 2389
Erica Mitchell Shaniko Star Competitor 2477
Gracelyn Mogelnicki Dee Ron Competitor 2623
Madeline Mogridge West Point Competitor 2841
Daniela Moguel Estela De La Galerna Competitor 2420
Daniela Moguel Cecelia Competitor 2421
Grace Montgomery Quicky de Barbereau Competitor 919
Emily Moore I Solemnly Swear Competitor 1344
Maria Moraniec Lady Business Competitor 2428
Maria Moraniec Tack 2429
Cindi Moravec Holloway Competitor 2367
Amy Moreshead Sound of Silence Competitor 1839
Margaret Morgan Kodiak Bear Competitor 28109
Melissa Morgan-Paul Uptown Indy Competitor 812
Melissa Morgan-Paul Tack 813
Heather Jane Morris Anderboch Flier Competitor 1047
Heather Jane Morris Jos Ufo De Quidam Competitor 1048
Jane Mortensen Bounty Hunter Competitor 2447
Emilie Mudd Quite Nice 11 Competitor 2602
Carrie Mulks Riddle Master Competitor 2833
Brie Murray Fernhill Disco Competitor 905
Brooke Murray Talon Ted Competitor 844
Jane Musselman Engapore Competitor 1142
Jane Musselman Duke of Diamond Competitor 1143
Jane Musselman Tack 1144
Payton Myers Tekkenistic Competitor 1804
Caroline Nagrodsky Spartacus Competitor 2448
Paisley Narra Huckleberry Competitor 29011
Wisti Nelson Mr. Barron Competitor 1538
Emily Nett Spinnaker Parade Competitor 1446
Kathleen Neuhoff Swiss Mystique Competitor 1135
Kathleen Neuhoff Logan Competitor 1136
Addison Neumeyer Blaze Competitor 2118
Addison Neumeyer Tack 2119
Erin Neville Booker's Wild Idea Competitor 1637
Erin Neville Bluestone Competitor 1638
Faith Newman Jumble Competitor 1348
Katherine Nolan Prince of Power Competitor 2343
Julie Norman La Sonrisa Competitor 2607
Skyler Norris Elegance Competitor 27095
Skyler Norris Extra 27096
Denise Norton Talulla Competitor 2305
Wesley Anne Norton Gentle Breeze Competitor 1842
Lauren Norwood Sebastian Competitor 2312
Tori Nuckols Gingerman Competitor 2338
Tori Nuckols Osborne 9 Competitor 2339
Tori Nuckols Tack 2340
Madeline O'Brien Ramsey Competitor 1044
Madeline O'Brien Casarino Competitor 1043
Madeline O'Brien Tack 1045
Reese O'Connor Dakota Competitor 1115
Alexander O'neal Clara Bö Competitor 804
Alexander O'neal Qc Destinia Competitor 806
Alexander O'neal Tack 805
Delaney O'Neil An Irish Blessing Competitor 2223
Aine O'Rourke Oliver Twist Competitor 1504
Bridget OGrady Vendi Competitor 2133
Bridget OGrady Tack 2134
Karissa Oliver FDF Recherche Competitor 1728
Helen Olmi Valkyrie Competitor 2394
Laura Orlowski Yankee Mickey Competitor 1636
Moriah Orms Widespread Chaos Competitor 29009
Gabrielle Ortiz The Chief Competitor 1226
Mary Clare Owdziej City Of Ember Competitor 1116
Maddie Ozbun Zeus Beach Competitor 2115
Juliette O’Donnell Czar Competitor 2311
Lorin Padgurskis Edge of Glory Competitor 2129
Hannah Page WHF Wilhelmina Competitor 2231
Hannah Page Tack 2250
Andrew Palmer Ladino Competitor 2372
Andrew Palmer Hart Throb Competitor 2373
Andrew Palmer Lucinda Competitor 2374
Jane Papke Norman Competitor 27097
Jane Papke ROBINSTOWN BALLIVOR Competitor 27098
Silvio Pappalardo He's My Rock Competitor 1737
Silvio Pappalardo Tack 1738
Josefine Parada Kid Coosa Competitor 1822
Emma Parker Hopscotch Competitor 29010
Kathleen Parker Picture in My Head Competitor 2306
Katlyn Parker Peace Dancer Competitor 2307
Emma Partridge Max Attack Competitor 1740
Julie Pate Catch Me If You Can Competitor 2434
Morgan Patton Brown Jackhammer II Competitor 2482
Saskia Paul Colby Competitor 2827
Holly Payne Caravella Dito 16 Competitor 22102
Holly Payne Caravella Charmking Competitor 22103
Cami Pease Vibrant Competitor 1621
Meg Pellegrini Ganymede Competitor 941
Meg Pellegrini RF Eloquence Competitor 943
Meg Pellegrini Tack 942
chelsey pellegrino Hot and ready Competitor 1316
Elena Perea B. E. Isabella Competitor 2330
Ashley Mozingo Perrin I Claudius Competitor 2479
Kenneth Peterson Deacon Blues Competitor 2472
Sadie Phifer Gusty Day Competitor 2319
Cindy Phillips Third Times The Charm Competitor 2301
Cindy Phillips Tack 2302
Anna Pierce Obiejohn Competitor 2256
Anna Pierce River King Competitor 2257
Ella Pigford Sunday Morning Competitor 1614
Ella Pigford Tack 1615
Alexis Poe Rumble Fish Competitor 2624
Jodie Potts Wapiti Byrd Competitor 2368
Jodie Potts Island Fever Competitor 2369
Mya Poulos Sir Duke Competitor 1333
Mya Poulos Tack 1334
Danielle Poulsen Capability Brown Competitor 1921
Sherry Pound Gestalt Competitor 2685
Finley Powell The Muffin Man Competitor 2288
Rian Presel Venetian Bay Competitor 28117
Shannon Pritchard Puttin' On the Fritz Competitor 1145
Emma Proctor Fernhill Doctor Watson Competitor 2251
Rebecca Puglisi Rosie's Little Miss Liberty Competitor 2849
Erin Pullen Koko Chanel Competitor 1525
Kelsey Ann Quinn Sir Winsome Competitor 1807
Kelsey Ann Quinn Dandy Longlegs Competitor 1808
Kirsten Raab Gypson Hills Competitor 1137
Claire Ramage Fitzwilliam Darcy Competitor 2439
Kelly Ransom Mint Julep Competitor 1049
Kelly Ransom Heart of Hollywood Competitor 1050
Katy Raynor Brave Spirit Competitor 2473
Annie Read Carolina Pch Competitor 2020
Annie Read Tack 2021
Nancy Read Caribe Pch Competitor 2022
Annette Reals Knight's Tale Competitor 1209
Annette Reals Tack 1210
Jennifer Rebollo In Kahootz Competitor 1813
Jennifer Rebollo Tack 1814
Hannah Reeser Ltl Ireland Summr Soldier Competitor 29017
Taylor Reis Strong Royalty Competitor 28146
Diana Rich Midway Train Competitor 2481
Julie Richards Fernhill Opulence Competitor 913
Julie Richards Things To Ponder Competitor 915
Julie Richards Fernhill Copas Competitor 912
Sarah Richards Cassia Competitor 2459
Sarah Richards Storm of the Century Competitor 2461
Sarah Richards Master Swatch Competitor 2462
Sarah Richards Tack 2460
Sarah Richards Tack 2463
Elizabeth Ricklefs Idlehour Patriot Competitor 1420
Elizabeth Ricklefs Tack 1421
Alexandra Riddle Jasmine Competitor 1750
Katherine Rivera Shamrock Sherman Competitor 1019
Katherine Rivera Extra 1018
Erin Roane Beau Tie Competitor 2686
Erin Roane Tack 2687
Waylon Roberts Lancaster Competitor 929
Waylon Roberts Wil Celtic Charlie Competitor 930
Breeana Robinette Velvet Brown Competitor 1345
Claire Robinson Doonhill Dancer Competitor 902
Claire Robinson Pretty Like Me Competitor 903
Louis Rogers Mighty Himself Competitor 2362
Louis Rogers Always Cooley Competitor 2363
Conor Rollins On Target Competitor 27067
Sally Rosen Mayson Competitor 926
Ruth Rosendaul Kaloosh Competitor 2375
Ruth Rosendaul Tack 2376
Hannah Ross Talamah Bound Competitor 2483
Rebecca Roth Chapter Two Competitor 1236
Lucien Rouse Royal Competitor 2471
Lucien Rouse Stravinsky Competitor 2470
Claire Rowlands Category 5 Competitor 923
Kristen Rozycki Vandalia Competitor 2642
Kristin Rubash Capone Competitor 1926
Raina Rushing Oakley Competitor 1422
Kimberly Rushton Brit's Party Favor Competitor 2351
Meigs Rutherford Formal Affair Competitor 2493
Meigs Rutherford Tack 2494
Caitlyn Ruud UP TO YOU DE LORAGE Competitor 1834
Caitlyn Ruud Top Gun Tess Competitor 1831
Caitlyn Ruud Tack 1835
Caitlyn Ruud Tack 1836
Caitlyn Ruud Extra 1832
Caitlyn Ruud Extra 1833
Chantil Ruud L'Alezane Competitor 1837
Alexandra Sacksen Sparrow's Nio Competitor 1729
Leighanne Sadley Licorice Competitor 1423
Cassie Sanger Born Ready Competitor 1323
Cassie Sanger Ultra Violet Competitor 1322
Cynthia Sansone Pippin VI Competitor 1908
Nuno Santos Perpetual Optimism Competitor 1425
Nuno Santos Tack 1424
Nina Santy Balligomingo Competitor 838
Elizabeth Sauter Giana Competitor 1410
Elizabeth Sauter Tack 1409
JESSICA SAVAGE Bourbon Gingerbear Competitor 2674
Chelsey Sawtell Qualifier Competitor 2679
Leila Saxe Mr Bojangles Competitor 1008
Leila Saxe Quasar Competitor 1009
Lucia Scarpinato West Wind Z Competitor 2216
Jayne Schaber Impressive Grace Competitor 1732
Paytin Schaeffer Fernhill Legend Competitor 911
Molly Scher Free And Easy Competitor 2688
Rose Schild Acording to Morgan Competitor 2285
Lauren Schiller Unzip My Chip Competitor 1426
Adele Schirmer Champagne Bubbles Competitor 1427
Kristin Schmolze Foxdale's Celtic Charm Competitor 2236
Lola Schnepf Patras VR Competitor 1447
Jacquelynn Schoeggl Stellaluna Competitor 1440
Elizabeth Schooley Queen of Spades Competitor 2342
Allison Schroeder Third Time's A Charm Competitor 836
Liz Schroeder Ventry Competitor 1625
Sophie Schroeder Merrylegs Competitor 1335
Kirsten Schuitema One Sly Fox Competitor 1124
Sydney Schultz Baciami Competitor 1310
Sydney Schultz Jacarda Competitor 1312
Sydney Schultz Extra 1311
Kelly Schwisow Kahlua & Cream Competitor 1940
Kelly Schwisow Tack 1941
Jennifer Seals Reverred Chic Competitor 2325
Jennifer Seals Tack 2326
Sarah Selden Deputy Cavalier Competitor 2828
Sarah Selden Tack 2829
Booli Selmayr Quality Touchdown Competitor 2255
Cora Severs Cuervo Competitor 2457
Cora Severs Tack 2458
Abby Shanahan Courtly Miss Competitor 1042
Ali Shipe Unforgettable Competitor 28148
Ashley Shoemaker I.C. London Competitor 2678
Jessica Shull Luftmann Mwf Competitor 2843
Maggie Shuman Mr. Smarty Pants Competitor 1532
Sierra Shurtz Zach Eyed Pea Competitor 2676
Ruth Siegfried Road Not Taken Competitor 814
Julie Simmons Turn Signal Competitor 1231
Debra Simon Alpha Leonis Competitor 1242
Debra Simon Tack 1243
Susan Simonson Ace Of Hearts Competitor 2274
Susan Simonson Tack 2275
Curran Simpson Fernhill Flame Competitor 827
Curran Simpson Rf Cosmos Competitor 828
T Sims Lavendel Competitor 1321
T Sims Extra 1320
Morgan Sindall Zara Competitor 1714
Adriene Singleton Irish Rose Competitor 2233
Sarah Beth Slaughter In The Spotlight Competitor 1612
Ainsley Slicker Horizzon Competitor 1429
Sally Smedley Golden Ticket CR Competitor 2627
Abigail Smith Ferrin Competitor 2438
Diane Smith Have A Little Faith Competitor 1535
Diane Smith Tack 1536
Emma Smith Two Kings Too Competitor 2680
Melanie Smith Shakedown Street Competitor 1706
Michele Smith Rickie Competitor 1441
Tamra Smith En Vogue Competitor 1549
Tamra Smith Danito Competitor 1550
Julia Smolinski Czarina Competitor 1841
Lauren Snider Mrthreeofive Competitor 1450
Leah Snowden Ormolu Competitor 1033
Sarah Snowden Appalachia Competitor 24102
Sarah Snowden Tack 24103
Kaitlyn Spacek Simply Madelyn Competitor 1021
Isabella Sparks Full Gallop's Struck By Luck Competitor 1431
Julia Spatt 5o1 Macintosh Competitor 2247
Julia Spatt 5o1 Tin Man Competitor 2239
Julia Spatt Tack 2248
Francesca Spoltore Millstreet Mitch Competitor 1346
Norah Springgate Jaywalker Competitor 2648
Aryelle Stafford Donovan's Reef Competitor 1710
Jodi Stafford Waitinonalady Competitor 28142
Kimberly Stafford Pik Coeur D'Or Competitor 2689
Kevin Stamper M C Dancer Competitor 1448
Nicholas Staples WF Drousseau Competitor 2490
Connor Stegeman Zip's Bangee Competitor 1432
Ava Stevens Two Against The World Competitor 2121
Tiffany Stewart Crimson Clover Competitor 1719
Deirdre Stoker Vaillancourt Eluca Competitor 846
Deirdre Stoker Vaillancourt Tack 847
Lily Stokes Van Goettsching Competitor 2675
Heather Strawbridge Joint Venture Competitor 27091
Heather Strawbridge Jonathan of Damascus Competitor 27093
Heather Strawbridge Tack 27092
Julia Strawbridge Balmoral Oakey Competitor 835
Elle Strote Karmic Calling Competitor 2266
Mim Strote England Calling Competitor 2261
Mim Strote Tack 2265
Carrie Stryker Just For Today Competitor 1705
Victoria Sudkamp Gallagher Competitor 1711
Victoria Sudkamp Tack 1712
Sissy Sugarman Carmani Competitor 2390
Sissy Sugarman Tack 2391
Kaitlyn Sullivan Fernhill Magnolia Competitor 917
Chacea Sundman Blew By You Competitor 2005
Chacea Sundman Billy Hero Competitor 2007
Chacea Sundman Tack 2006
Ellen Super Seattle's Finest Competitor 27100
Kayla Surrett Blue Suede Shoes Competitor 1548
Cigi Sutrick Charming Day Competitor 1241
Lily Sutton Sullivan Competitor 2146
Lily Sutton Tack 2147
Pamela Sutton-Hall Flight Risk Competitor 1433
Marin Swyers Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo Competitor 2625
Marin Swyers Tack 2626
Jessica Syiek Markham's Moontide Competitor 2640
Macie Sykes Delilah's Boy Competitor 1537
Sophie Tallman Parc Cooley Competitor 2248
Sophie Tallman Tack 2249
Jody Taylor Zippin Free Competitor 2353
Jody Taylor Tack 2354
Joy Taylor Autumn Account Competitor 1639
Madison Temkin MVP Madbum Competitor 1937
Madison Temkin Dr. Hart Competitor 1938
Sierra Thomas Chambery Competitor 1234
Grace Thompson Excessive Assault Competitor 2352
Paige Thompson Wreckless of Zipping Competitor 2130
Paige Thompson Magic Mike Competitor 2131
Sheri Thornley Toga Competitor 2245
Kate Thresher Silver Bop Competitor 2878
Meta Thurman Flying Dutchman Competitor 1811
Meta Thurman Tack 1812
taylor tiberg Valedictorian Competitor 2355
Elliott Timmons Foothill's Field Marshall Competitor 1147
Camille Tims Teddy Bear Titan Competitor 28116
Kaitlyn Tobben Donner Light Competitor 1206
Kaitlyn Tobben Extra 1319
Sarah Tompkins Hypnotiq Competitor 2253
Sarah Tompkins Tack 2254
Kendyl Tracy Bobbie Burns Competitor 27087
Lindsay Traisnel Bacyrouge Competitor 2321
Daisy Trayford Ermintrude Competitor 1826
Daisy Trayford Fernhill I'm Spartacus Competitor 1827
Daisy Trayford Milo Diamond Competitor 1828
Devon Tresan Killiney Hill Competitor 29012
Devyn Trethewey The Mojito King Competitor 2617
Ashley Trier Quality Vintage Competitor 23100
Karen Trout Sashay Lu Competitor 2615
Matthew Trynoski The Gidget Competitor 1245
Matthew Trynoski Tack 1246
Lauren Tucker Dichterlieben Competitor 2836
Lori Tucker Paisley Competitor 1709
Rylan Tucker My Box of Crayons Competitor 2014
Rylan Tucker Tack 2015
Elizabeth Turner Cornelius Competitor 1929
Lauren Turner Flying Again Competitor 2619
Lauren Turner Fairway King Competitor 2620
Megan Tyrrell Drombane Dynamite Competitor 1041
Piper Uhl Finnegan Competitor 2135
Magdalena Valenti Wish I Am Competitor 2234
Gabbie Van Scoy Cuernsey Z Competitor 925
Savannah Van Vuren Donadea Boy Competitor 1336
Sarah Vanderwerf Galileo Competitor 2262
Clare VanderWoude Star Power Competitor 28138
Kristen Vardy Almond Joy Competitor 2356
Christian Vasconez Egred CiD Donnie D Competitor 1250
Leah Vasquez Case Clocker Competitor 24100
Katharina von Maltzahn BGS Island View Competitor 2284
Laura Voorheis Kildare's Buster Keaton Competitor 2297
Sophia Vrielink L.E. Font Competitor 2842
Merrell Waggoner Beauchamp de Noelle Competitor 1534
Iris Wainston Charlies Tuff Summer Competitor 2138
Erin Walker Cinerescent Competitor 2225
Erin Walker Mth Shannondale Khaleesi Competitor 2226
Erin Walker Tack 2227
McKenna Walker Rajput Competitor 924
Elisa Wallace Munson Slew Competitor 2422
Elisa Wallace Sharp Decision Competitor 2424
Elisa Wallace Tack 2423
Rick Wallace Ultimate Victory Competitor 2425
Rick Wallace Ingomar Competitor 2426
Rick Wallace Tack 2427
Heidi Wardle Cold Spice Competitor 1735
Heidi Wardle Tack 1736
Hannah Warner Perfect Acquisition Competitor 1104
Anna Warzecha Darling Competitor 1430
Brooke Webb Pelear Por Oro Competitor 1517
Darby Weerstra Exultation Competitor 2478
Carolyn Wehle Edelmann Competitor 2453
Meredith Wehrly Yellowhawk Competitor 1130
Grace Weil Vamor Competitor 1138
Jessica Weishaar Joey Joey Joey Competitor 1119
Laura Werner Clooney Competitor 1547
Whitney Weston Ethan Alexander Competitor 2346
Whitney Weston Tack 2347
Maddison Whitt Gideon Competitor 1911
Maddison Whitt Tack 1912
Lilli Wichert Fernhill Tito Competitor 920
Jennifer Wiedrick Texas Sweet Heart Competitor 1016
Jennifer Wiedrick Webster Competitor 1015
Linden Wiesman Discreto Competitor 2370
Arden Wildasin Southern Sun Competitor 1743
Arden Wildasin Watch Out Competitor 1744
Arden Wildasin Kineo Competitor 1746
Arden Wildasin IL Vici Competitor 1747
Arden Wildasin Tack 1745
Sarah Wildasin Totally Awesome Bosco Competitor 1742
Laura Wilhem Bowman's Point Competitor 1140
Laura Wilhem Tack 1141
Faith Wilkerson Evening Melody Competitor 1010
Ashton Willnow CMF Rembrandt Competitor 2647
Kimberly Willnow Ashes to Ashes Competitor 2645
Anne Wilson Call Me Waylon Competitor 2308
Anne Wilson Tack 2309
Emily Wilson King Pony Competitor 1020
Kristen Wilson Fgf Wonderwall Competitor 2113
Nancy Z. Wilson Lagerfeld Competitor 848
Amy Winnen Galatea HU Competitor 2454
Amy Winnen Tack 2455
Amy Winnen Tack 2456
Christy Wood Queen Valentine Competitor 2608
Ryan Wood Cooley Flight Competitor 829
Ryan Wood Woodstock Bennett Competitor 830
Ryan Wood Carmella Competitor 833
Ryan Wood The Optimist Competitor 832
Ryan Wood Tack 831
Ryan Wood Tack 834
Julie Wotring B.E. Excalibur Competitor 1909
Julie Wotring Tack 1910
Karli Wright Sorocaima Competitor 2484
Cathrine Wunderlich Concatulations Competitor 1215
Jessica Wymbs Weight of the World Competitor 1519
Gabrielle Yashinsky Soliliquy Competitor 2148
Samantha Yates Crescendo Competitor 2442
Katelyn Younce Mystic Love Song Competitor 2496
Amelia Young Full of Beans Competitor 1604
Sarah Younger Power Trip Competitor 24101
Victoria Zimmermann Donatello Competitor 28144
Caroline Zongor Aberjoe Competitor 2684

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